Um. This. All of this. GaGa, yaaaassss
January 20, 2014, 6:51 pm
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Ahem.  We can’t even deal with how gorgeous Mother Monster looks here.  This is when the phrase “bow down b-words” is appropriate, not when you’re singing a song about girl power but we digress.  Thank you GaGa for this.  We know our role on this planet is to serve you.

GaGa VGaga V h

A GaGa/Muppet Thanksgiving. We die.
October 18, 2013, 9:15 am
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Miss us?  We missed you too.  But we’re busy over here working our real job and waiting around the on the ARTPOP release.  Today, there are two items on the agenda.

First.  Our beloved GaGaloo is all set to perform in a Thanksgiving special with the Muppets.    You see what’s happened here is that the pop gods have finally spoken.   They’ve said “enough is enough! we shant live in a world where Lady GaGa and the muppets don’t collide!  You want to be thankful?  You must have something sufficient for which to be so and we give it to you now!  Show your humility!”


Second, those same pop gods are really just a-dollar sign-dollar sign-holes* because because they allowed the event below to happen.  Allowing it to happen wasn’t the bad part.  The fact that the internet’s proverbial head didn’t explode making fun of this bull-dollar sign-hit** is where we were all robbed of our constitutional rights.




Big Brother ends in 2 weeks and we go back to sad-hibernation
September 10, 2013, 1:54 pm
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This is your Big Brother Final 5.  @AubraMarie is a frickin genius and with that little twitter-gem, bestowed on the world happiness.

Since July, we’ve been on our annual forage into the reality world of Big Brother, this season in it’s 15th installment.  CBS talent scouts went all out this year.  It’s no longer enough to be outrageous by conventional methods, aka, getting nekkid but now you have to be a downright a$$hole.  In this house, we’ve had the southern racist:

We’ve also had the northern racist:

CBS gave us the “southern now, used to be a northerner” racist*

They gave us the “dude who makes jokes about child molesting who is also southern racist homophobe who looks like Cornelius Jack:

They gave us a “big brother fanatic” disguised as a Minnesota pizza boy who sleeps with above mentioned Northern/Southern racist and sits around not playing the game and not showering but having lots of sex with a lunatic:

So.  After making every Big Brother in the world collectively orgasm evicting Amanda, and then evicting Elissa.  We’re left with our final 5.  EarthHam predicts an Andy/Mccrae final 2.  Let’s just hope the jury votes for the Andy in that situation. But the only person we want to see win is Judd but that looks unlikely.   Here’s a real pic of the final 5 but we like the one up top better.

Final 5

Also, Lady GaGa performed on Good Morning America yesterday.  Oh? You thought you’d get a post without GaGaloo?  What do you think we are? Savages?


*Also a horrible, horrible B-word

The reason we love GaGa
September 1, 2013, 7:10 pm
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Today, Lady GaGa performed at the Itunes Musical Festival and showed us why girl got talent.  We didn’t hate the VMAs but we didn’t feel her heart was in it.  Then we watched these videos from today’s festival and hot damn if she didn’t give it to us.

First up, ARTPOP.  This right here is what she should’ve done at the VMAs but we’ll take it this way.  Can’t deny her. That JACKET!  NEED. THIS IS WHAT WE’LL BE WEARING TO THE ARTPOP BALL.

Secondly, she debuted her ballad “I Wanna Be With You”.  We love sparkly GaGa but we adore raw GaGa.  All she really needs is a piano (check out that dayum fine hardware she’s playing these days!)

Lastly, She performed “SWINE” and we are digging the rock.  Love seeing her pounding the percussion.

We’ve given you three–now go do your own work and watch the others!


August 19, 2013, 9:15 am
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The hair! The mask in the last shot! The Tail! EVERYTHING


Chris Crocker says it better than us re: Perez being a jerk to GaGa
August 15, 2013, 2:13 pm
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We’ve been saying for weeks that we’re about to “Go Chris Crocker” over Perez Bullying GaGa.  Well we don’t have to do so but Chris did it better than we ever could’ve.  See below.  <3 Love ya boo.

An Amazing Tumblr-er explains “Applause” and why GaGa is ARTPOP (and amazing)
August 14, 2013, 12:34 pm
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This awesome guy on Tumblr, Kevin serves it up HAWT explaining why GaGa and “Applause” are, in his words, “fucking cool”.  It’s so well done, we’ll link it twice.  EarthHam’s favorite line?  “Why do you think Gaga tweets Katy Perry like someone patting their obedient puppy on the head for fetching the ball? She’s proof of Gaga’s success.”  We love Kevin because we too, are a fan of the strike through function although we weren’t good enough to strike through our KP zing yesterday :(


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